What does RAVS® stand for in ISNetworld®?

Review and Verification Services – ISNetworld® performs a desktop review of your safety manual based on provincial legislation.

SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. has been helping companies just like yours to achieve the highest standard in ISNetworld. Unlike our competitors we are a full service safety company and can help you get a certificate of recognition through ACSA, AMHSA and ENFORM if that is needed as well. We help you to integrate all of the Rav’s into your business to try and make it more practicable.

The direction that the industry is going would suggest that more and more owner clients will be auditing their sub-contractors to ensure compliance with their rules and all the stuff you said you were doing when the Rav’s where completed.

At SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. we do individual Rav’s as well so if you only need have a few or you have lots we can accommodate you to ensure you are in compliance.

“Is better to lose one minute in life… than to lose life in a minute”

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