Safety Auditing

SIM Safety Consulting can assist your company in each step of becoming COR/SECOR certified. We have experienced certified safety auditors that are comfortable auditing companies of all sizes ranging from 1 to 5,000 employees from all different industries. Contact our office for more information or to book you’re external, internal or maintenance COR or SECOR audit. Our auditors can conduct Partners in Injury Reduction COR & SECOR audits for the following partnerships:

  • Energy Safety Canada
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)
  • Auditing Association of Canada  (Certified Health and Safety Management System Auditor)

Our auditors combine in-depth knowledge of regulatory programs and management system expertise to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. Auditing gives organizations a measurement tool to gauge the effectiveness and success of their existing safety management system. These audits follow specified set of standards from one of the above certifying partners.

Many companies struggle to find an experienced COR Auditor that is available to conduct an audit prior to their certificate expiry date. SIM Safety Consulting has taken steps to ease this process by developing a system that will monitor your renewal date so we can contact you in advance of your certificate expiry date in order to book an Auditor for you. This service eases the need for you take the time out of your busy schedule to contact numerous auditors in order to finally find one who is available to conduct your audit.

Contact us if you need to book an Auditor for your upcoming COR/SECOR audit.and ISO 19011 2018