Safety PGM Development

Field and In-House Safety Advisors

SIM Safety Consulting Safety PGM Development can provide on-site field safety advisors, health and safety administrators for shutdowns, turnarounds, industrial construction, Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure and on-going projects and the management of internal safety programs. SIM Safety Consulting has a dedicated team of highly trained safety advisors to manage safety on your project. We have the experience, manpower, technology and resources readily available to effectively provide site safety coordination. SIM Safety Consulting provides the leadership that is needed on and off the site.

  • Construction
  • Field Operations
  • Shutdowns
  • Turnarounds

Our highly trained staff at SIM Safety Consulting can provide a wide range of skills and project safety coordination anywhere in Canada and the USA. SIM Safety Consulting also has current and valid liability insurance and WCB qualification that can be provided as part of the bid package if required.

Health and safety management systems

We at SIM safety consulting are committed to providing our clients with the most effective safety programs through diligent partnership. SIM safety consulting has assisted many local and out of province contractors in developing safety programs recognized by the province of Alberta under the certificate of recognition (COR) and small employer certificate of recognition (SECOR) programs.

We specialize in developing customized health and safety management system programs that are tailored to suite your industry needs.  

Our team will work with you one on one throughout the development process to establish and exceed industry best practices.

At SIM safety Consulting We have developed health and safety management systems that meet and go beyond the requirements of standard setting bodies such as Alberta Construction Safety Association, and Energy Safety Canada.

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