EWP – Elevated Work Platform Training

Full Day course (8 hours)

Fall Protection is a pre requisite.

The trainee must go through a complete series of functions until the Instructor is Confident in the Trainee’s ability to identify and operate all controls, including emergency controls. Certification is valid for 3 years

SIM Safety Consulting. is committed to providing high quality safety training courses for workers in Alberta, and throughout Canada including the Territories. SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. strives for excellence and has a reputation built on experience, professionalism and SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. trains to the highest standards. 

In addition to the training, workers must also receive company specific safety training on procedures and equipment of their workplace.

What will the Elevated Work Platform Training  involve? 

  • OH&S and Manufacturer Requirements
  • Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Wind and Weather requirements
  • Electrical Safety
  • Types of EWP’s
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Pre Operation Inspections
  • Function Tests
  • Working Envelopes
  • Envelope Management Systems
  • Tail Swing
  • Working Weights
  • Emergency controls
  • Oscillating Axles & Extendable Axles
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Pre Operational inspection
  • Function Tests
  • Work Area and Path of Travel Inspection
  • Review of the Operators Manual and Actual Operation of a Unit

SIM Safety Consulting EWP training must be delivered at your workplace location and is offered 7 days a week.
Please contact us to book you onsite training.