OSSA Confined Space Entry & Monitor Training

This course is approved by the Oil Sands and the safety training standard was created for workers travelling to Oil Sands member’s sites. However, many companies that do not work in the Oil Sands have adopted the standard of training , and as such, this safety course is widely accepted across Canada.

Why choose an OSSA Confined Space Entry & Monitor Safety Training Course?

SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. is committed to providing high quality safety training courses for workers in Alberta, and throughout Canada including the Territories. SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. strives for excellence and has a reputation built on experience and professionalism. SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. trains to the highest level. Our confined space and Monitor safety training course covers it all.

The Alberta OH&S Code states “An employer must ensure that a worker assigned duties related to confined space entry is trained”. In addition to the training, workers must also receive company specific safety training on procedures and equipment of their workplace.

What will the confined space safety training involve?

  • Confined Space Entry Safety Training will provide you with an overview of the standards and the safety training required for working in spaces that have a restrictive entry point.
  • An overview of the current OH&S Act, Regulation and Code will clarify why confined space safety training is so important and why our confined space training is so vital.
  • The confined space training offered by SIM Safety Consulting Ltd. will enable you to identify and thereby eliminate and control potential hazards.
  • Our safety courses will provide you with detailed information about entering confined spaces and restricted spaces including detailed information on Regional Codes of Practice.

Safety training can be provided 7 days a week. Please contact us for more information regarding the  Confined Space Entry & Monitor Training course.